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 How Pulmonary TB Develops

 Active Tuberculosis

- Introduction
- Infection
- Dormant
- Active
When infection occurs again, it begins to make holes in the lung.

Once the tuberculosis infection has gained enough momentum in the body to produce pus, it will continue to form many more tubercles on the surface of the lung, which will develop into "cavities", or pits in the lungs. The pus from infected lungs is coughed up, sometimes with blood, and this fluid is expelled from the body and called "sputum".

TB infection can now spread throughout the body, or to other people.

Anyone producing sputum from a tuberculous lung is considered infectious, and may spread the disease to other people. Active tuberculosis consumes the lungs, causing large lesions in the tissue, which prevent the lungs from working properly and can eventually lead to death in the untreated individual.

If you are not treated, using anti-TB drugs, you can spread this disease to other people!