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  Diagnosis of TB

 Sputum Test

Any mucous-like material that is coughed up from the respiratory system is called sputum, and sputum that contains the tubercle bacilli is called positive sputum. It is by means of the positive sputum that tuberculosis is transmitted from one person to another. The finding of tubercle bacilli in the sputa was the most conclusive evidence doctors could obtain to confirm the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Sputum coughed up by a tuberculous patient is no different in appearance than sputum due to any other cause.

 Skin Test
 Mass Surveys
 Sputum Test
 Gastric Washing
 Laboratory Tests

Hemoptysis, also called a hemorrhage, refers to the presence of blood in the sputum. This blood may be small or large amounts. Any person who raised blood would immediately see a physician to rule out the possibility of tuberculosis. It was often the first signal that tuberculosis was present.