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 Canada's International Role


A mobile x-ray truck is sent to Hong-Kong compliments of the "employees of the department of Veterans Affairs and the People of Canada through CARE".

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In the summer of 1961, a mobile X-ray Unit was sent to Hong-Kong by the International relief agency CARE. Through this agency, Canadians provided doctors and technicians to run the unit, and the $22,450 X-ray Unit itself. The truck was delivered with a message printed on the side, "A gift of the employees of the department of Veterans Affairs and the People of Canada through CARE". Later in the 1960s, several local associations in Ontario gave sufficient funds to carry out studies in some of the new countries in Africa, with the idea of stimulating the voluntary effort there. The Ontario Association funded a treatment centre in Riangobe, Ivory Coast, and the national association provided funds for a second treatment centre in the city of Sikensi.

In September of 1961, Canada hosted the 16th International Tuberculosis Convention at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. This was done under the leadership of Dr. G.J. Wherrett, the outgoing president of the International Union Against Tuberculosis, and a long-time leader of the fight against TB here in Canada. Over 1200 delegates from 67 countries met to discuss the impact of TB around the world, its treatment and the need for education. It was during this conference that the Union adopted its "Mutual Assistance Program", to which Canada vowed its support.