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 Canada's International Role


By the dawn of the 1950s, scholars from around the world were arriving in Canada, attracted by our example of successful TB control. Dr. D.S. Mehra of Delhi, India wrote in 1951 "we have much to learn from Canada . . . the spirit of early pioneer tuberculosis workers has established records that they can justly be proud of, and which tuberculosis workers elsewhere could do well to aim for" during his stay in Canada on temporary staff at the Fort Sanatorium in Saskatchewan.

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In 1954, Dr. E.B. Struthers of Ontario was training doctors and nurses working at Severance Hospital in South Korea in both diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis. A temporary Chest Clinic was set up in the hospital where patients were taught how to care for themselves and avoid infecting others. The economic factor was a big hurdle to TB patients in South Korea at that time and Canadian helpers provided drugs for treatment as well as relief in the form of food and clothing.