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 Dr. Robert E. Wodehouse

Dr. Robert Wodehouse succeeded Dr. George Porter in the leadership of the Canadian Tuberculosis Association in 1921.

He realized at the time of his appointment as executive secretary that the ordinary means of financing by memberships and donations were not sufficient for any sustained program. Though the grants solicited from various sources, such as the Canadian Red Cross and the provincial and federal governments, were helpful in the organization of demonstrations and ad hoc programs in all the provinces of Canada, support on a continuing basis was essential. He presented a convincing argument to the Life Insurance Officers Association of the value of preventing tuberculosis, and was instrumental in having the Life Insurance Officers Association set up a health committee with a special budget for health grants.

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Dr. Wodehouse resigned in 1933 upon his appointment as federal deputy minister of pensions and health. His service to the tuberculosis cause during his period of twelve years as executive secretary was outstanding as it saw the beginning and development of an active program for diagnosis, treatment, and after-care in every province in Canada.

-- modified from Wherrett in The Miracle of the Empty Beds, 1977.