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  Time Line of TB in Canada

 1944 - BC institutes special allowances to TB sufferers who canít work

British Columbia was the first province in Canada to initiate a program of financial assistance for persons suffering from tuberculosis. Before 1944, the province of BC paid Social Allowances to persons who were unemployable by reason of old age or physical condition. It was in 1944 that the Social Assistance Branch and the Director of Welfare recognized the fact that tuberculosis being a long-term illness gave rise to special problems requiring special assistance. When a person was diagnosed with TB, he or she gave up their job and applied under this new program. The allowance provided the full amount required for rental of living space, moneys for food and clothing, and a $3.00 per month "Comforts Allowance" to pay for such items as stamps and haircuts.

The Tranquille Sanatorium in British Columbia.