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  Time Line of TB in Canada

 1925 - BCG research begins in Canada

BCG research in Canada began with Professor Beaudoin at the University of Montreal.

Canadians first became interested in B.C.G. Vaccine in 1925, when, following Calmette’s report, the Canadian National Research Council appointed a Committee to investigate the harmlessness and effectiveness of the vaccine. The work was entrusted to the University of Montreal, under the direction of Professor J. A. Beaudoin, and a most favourable report was issued the following year. It gradually came into use as a preventive measure throughout Canada, and in the following years there was a vast international campaign sponsored by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), and directed by the World Health Organization. As a result of this global campaign, literally millions were given the benefit of the protection which BCG confers. The passion with which Canadian researchers dove into the use of BCG--despite the reluctance of other nations in the early years--is to be commended. Results from the experimental use of BCG by pioneers such as Armond Frappier and R.G. Ferguson helped establish Canada as a world leader in the fight against tuberculosis.